Outdoor Portraits 13

This was a very fun last shoot to do with classmates. No one wanted to be the willing model for each other. Playing director for a ┬ábit without letting the ego to my had, I suggested which locations we should shoot at. The tranquil garden is a very special place to me on campus. I […]

Portrait 12

I visited┬ámy family during spring break and I was able to take a few pictures. Everyone was happy to see the college boy had come to visit them on the last day of family camping. A lot of these are of my little brother Santiago. I really do miss him as I spend my time […]

Sustainability 7

Okay for this sketch, I practiced the prompt my whole childhood. My father and family may be called pack rats or even hoarders. Although there is a fine line between ending up on Hoarders or American Pickers. We value functionality and frequency of use of items that we keep in our garage. If you ask […]

Yum Sketch 5

Tomato Soup & Grill Cheese Sandwich This was a very fun sketch because it dealt with me eating my subject at the end. I can look over to the sink right now and the bowl is still there from this meal. Not from the exact meal, but it’s the same bowl. I used olive oil […]

Sketch 2

Environmental Portrait. I asked my friend Chelsea to model for me. We took a trip down to discovery lake to longboard and model. It was actually a very cloudy that day and these first 4 photos were shot underneath a tree canopy. Very low lighting, but I was able to lighten up the photos. I […]

Selfie Time! Sketch 1

The prompt for this first assignment is a self-portrait. I’m not sure how other feel about their face, but I know I hate my looks. So this was very difficult to find a picture I was happy with. Even after editing in Lightroom I hate my look, and I hope others do as well. Not […]

MOPA inspired

Matthew Brandt is the artist that I found most inspirational. Although his technique with using the bodies of dead bees seemed very over the top, I found his other published works more easier to replicate. Matthew did some work using chemicals, using their effect to alter their appearance. Here are a few of Matthew’s works […]