Review of “The Wrinkles of the City”

This documentary shows the journey of two artists going through the streets of Havana to taking portraits of older citizens. It mostly on uncommon to have anything, but propaganda posted on to walls. Art is political inn many senses, however In saw this art project as more of a way to show and give notice to the people of the city. Many of these people have stories untold or unheard. Many of these people have lived through historical events that have shaped the world and them as people. I saw this project as capturing the joys and pains of life. A portrait is a single moment of time captured for us to see, but what we see or that I see is a person’s life summed up into the viewable outcome of themselves. Life has so many choices and opportunities, one life choice could without a doubt effect how a person’s portrait will be viewed or demonstrated. We are always changing our own life portrait


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