Dorothea Lange Quiz

What did Dorothea Lange mean when she said of Maynard Dixon, “I should have encouraged him to dip his brush in his own heart’s blood.”

In a sense I felt that she meant that she should have encouraged him to take an actual stand with what he made. That we are only as strong as the art we create. That many things in life have the most beautiful colors of the rainbow, but do not make up the reality we have to live and deal with. To take a stand even though it might not win awards or prize money, but to show the world the truth of reality. It’s beauty and pain are for the world to see.


What did Dorothea Lange mean when she said that when shooting. “sometimes you annihilate yourself.”

I think when she said that statement she meant, that we you do expose yourself to the world when trying to capture it you leave yourself vulnerable to the outside world. Not that any dangers are coming after you, but when your soul views onto the pain and suffering of the world you can do nothing but accept it for what is and move forward with it. The perspectives and experiences Lange captured was at the cost of being open and feeling the pain of those she photographed.


Why did one commentator say this about Lange: “She probably felt she should have done a better job [as a mother], but she was busy trying to save the world.”

Leaving a legacy is a difficult challenge to create. Leaving change is an even greater stride to not one’s lineage, but to one’s fellow human being. Always going off to document the next issue or scene with out the call to duty. She took the obligation to this work onto herself. Many hours spent trying to photographed, while the whole time thinking of how she could have spent more with her daugther.


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