Sketch 3

This past weekend I went on a brotherhood retreat with my fraternity. This weekend escape was meant for us to destress, build brotherhood, and discuss matters important to us. You are probably thinking that we just spent most of the time drinking and doing hardcore drugs. One it was on a military base, so no on the drugs. Secondly  we wanted a sober retreat in the thought of not being blinded by false happiness.

Let me give you a little insight of how we see value each other. We value the ability to be open and vulnerable to each other. Being the macho man that society labeled us from a young age confines us to bottle everything. So not healthy.

Around the bonfire, we like to practice opening up to each other. Could be from the simplest thing from how your day was to how we are truly feeling in the moment and in our lives. I will not speak for others, but I will say that I was a mess that night. Do not worry, we all have our own demons and I am just dealing with mine. *Cough* Anxiety *cough*.

The pictures following are well to you they are friends, to me they are my brothers. Vincent in red and Ramon in gray. Ramon is my little brother, meaning that I mentored him while he went through his pledge-ship. I could go on all the terms of greek life, but I won’t. I know thank god right.  Well here is the two of them exploring the beach together and having fun in a sense.



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