Spring Break

I spent my first Monday of spring break back home in the Coachella Valley. It was my 22nd birthday that Monday, yet I was not feeling myself. Depressed, stressed, and confused on what to do I decided to that I need to escape. Escape into the beauty of nature.

The Thousand Palm Oasis Preserve was my destination. Located along the San Andres fault line. It actually because of the fault line that there is water being pushed up to the surface and creating this natural oasis.

Okay, I guess its time to get deep into why I took these photos. I mean life isn’t life unless we ask why, right? During my childhood I saw these palm trees and made them a symbol to live my life by. With the central message to stand tall for yourself, no matter which direction the winds chooses to blow in. That conflict will arise and the experience from that will change you. Change is what you make of it. So like the palm trees of the Coachella Valley I will let change effect me, but I will continue to grow from that change.

It can also be scarring, we all live with our past. Many carry it with them in many different ways. I carry mine on my skin. Like these palms I am scarred with hate from others. Those that wish to put me down.

The sun continues to rise, palms keep on growing, and I strive forward.


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