Sustainability 7

Okay for this sketch, I practiced the prompt my whole childhood. My father and family may be called pack rats or even hoarders. Although there is a fine line between ending up on Hoarders or American Pickers. We value functionality and frequency of use of items that we keep in our garage.

If you ask my father or me to find something in the garage, it would take us a few minutes to find the desired item; however, we know that we have your desired item.


My dad likes to have multiple projects in certain progress points located in the garage.

The tub in the center of the room is actually for my grandmother’s personal restroom. My father, uncle, grandfather, and I are going to demolish their existing restroom. Spend two weeks remodeling and adding in that new tub, of my grandmother’s preference

My father and I really do have a passion for making our house better for us and our family. We also have a very good family green thumb.



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