Cindy Sherman Thoughts

Wow, first off her clown series really had we creeped out. Although I liked the idea of making a unique character for each clown. I saw that in her work she was giving the clowns their each own why they do what they do. I personally hate clowns and so does my mother. Literally caught […]

Landscape Panoramic HDR Shots

Equipped with a tripod I took the hills of San Marcos. I make a visit to Double Peak about once a semester, but I’ve never been able to capture it with more adequate equipment than my 5th generational cell phone. We are on the 8th generation coming out this next tech season, just saying for […]

Grid Project

  For my grid project I used posting boards found on campus. I went through multiple building on campus to find boards. My visit included the SBSB, Science Hall 2, Markestien Hall, Arts Building, ¬†and University Hall. I personally like how each board would have similar material, but has numerous outcomes when all these flyers […]

Urban Decay

For my Urban Decay sketch I took a walk around Central Escondido. I parked my car in a lot near the California Center of Arts. I began to walk down a few streets exploring and seeing what I could find as subject material. I’m not local to the San Diego county in general so this […]

Spring Break

I spent my first Monday of spring break back home in the Coachella Valley. It was my 22nd birthday that Monday, yet I was not feeling myself. Depressed, stressed, and confused on what to do I decided to that I need to escape. Escape into the beauty of nature. The Thousand Palm Oasis Preserve was […]

Sketch 4

Last Friday, February 17th, I ventured around campus trying to find good shots to take. Although it was very cloudy with a storm to quickly sweep through southern California. All of these photos have been edited in Lightroom as well as two that were taken into photoshop to experiment with. I always thought technology was […]